Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slow down your eating and give your digestion a chance

One more method to acquire the habit of eating slowly:

You can also read "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz it is a good book. The important thing is that more and more people are learning.

Everybody looks for information on how to lose weight and learning about the advantages of eating slowly.
The marketing for "plates for eating slowly" is being done, except that many people do not know they exist and that they keep warm.

Plates for eating slowly


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating Slowly, Eat Slower, and what about your food? Sorry, it will get cold... or maybe not

Actually no, your food does not have to get cold when you eat slowly
HotSmart Thermal Plates 
Excellent for caregiving, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, the sick and elderly
  • Obesity. Everybody is now aware that obesity is a big problem connected with diabetes, heart disease etc. and that the USA is firs place in the world, Mexico 2nd place etc.
  • Eating slowly. Many people now know or are learning that eating slowly is good to avoid overeating; it is so easy to understand: there is this little guy called the hypothalamus in our brain needs time (About 20 minutes) to get the signal that we are satisfied or no longer hungry and  if we eat too fast our stomach will get bloated but since we still feel hungry we continue eating, we overeat and the excess calories get accumulated in our body as fat. Yes, we get fat, obese, chubby or what ever you want to call it but we finish by not being very happy with ourselves and with health problems (Google "eating slowly" you will find lots of information on the subject).

  • Keep food warm. We should eat slowly to lose weight or at least avoid overeating and obesity; there are now on the market "plates for eating slowly" which keep your food warm see: 
  • Probably the best way you are going to acquire the habit of eating slowly is by making it a    pleasant experience and if your food gets cold that is not going to happen; you need a plate that stores heat to keep your food warm, a new patented plate that does just that has recently hit the market through  InstaHot 30 min plus hot plates by HotSmart
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    Monday, April 5, 2010

    How to Lose Weight by Using a Weight Loss Plate - wikiHow

    How to Lose Weight by Using a Special Plate - wikiHow
    Weight Loss Plate

    Should I call my HotSmart Gourmet Plate a weight loss plate? I can because it helps to acquire the habit of eating slowly and eating slowly prevents overeating, but I insist, the plate was conceived simply to enjoy  hot food (Like a Gourmet Plate). When HotSmart Plates hit the market through people have found many other different applications:
    • WLS patients were the first to contact me because the have to eat slowly after the operation.
    • ALS patients (with mobility problems are also using it.
    • Alzheimer's patients
    • Parkinson's patients
    • The elderly. The same plate that prevents overeating helps the elderly avoid weight loss (Some of them refuse to eat when food gets cold).
    I am beginning to sound like a quack or snake oil seller who pretends his medicine cures everything.
    I will let you find your own application (Will you please let me know?).

    I know this: Everybody likes hot food and HotSmarts are the only plates designed to keep food warm

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Why you should eat slower?

    Why you should eat slower

    Plate for Eating slowly (Keeps food warm)
    (InstaHot 30 min plus HotSmart Plate available in
    Why you should eat slower?
    There are so many reasons to eat slower that all you have to do is to Google "eating slowly" and you will find out many many benefits, among them: it prevents overeating and obesity; this is not a theory and has a very simple explanation: It takes our brain about 20 minutes to "sense" that we have satisfied our hunger; please see:
    however eating slowly is not a simple decision or a New Years resolution but a habit that needs to be acquired; there are even plates especially designed to store heat "Plates for Eating slowly"  capable of remaining hot for more than 30 minutes to keep food warm; this makes eating slowly a pleasant experience that is stored in our brain and after a few repetitions we acquire the habit. It is so obvious that if our food gets cold because we eat slower we will not want to do it again.