Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eating Slowly Plate

eel deprived or hungry. In order to acquire the habit of eating slowly you need to make it a pleasant experience or you will be discouraged. If your food gets cold you will not want to eat slowly. There is now a new type of patented  HotSmart plates that keep food warm; see the image at images make sure you roll the cursor over the image to read the notes with the explanations.

Eating slowly is not a simple decision or a New Year's resolution; it is as I said an acquired habit; actually eating slowly is a very nice experience that will get you satisfied with less food.

Google "Eat slowly sites" to learn about it; there are lots of information on the internet from many different sources that confirm that eating slowly is good for your health and to avoid overeating and obesity (And to lose weight and keep it off)