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Plates For People Who Eat Slowly By HotSmart®

Plates for eating slowly

People eat slowly for a number of reasons (A large number of reasons) 
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Reasons Plus Frequent Asked Questions and Real Facts:
  • First of all: You like to enjoy your hot food while still warm
  • You or your loved one are sick
  •              your loved one has dementia (alzheimer's...)
  •                                      have mobility problems (Parkinsons, ALS)
  • You are a caregiver, nurse, home caregiver
  • You are a Doctor who wants to recommend a feeding aid this to patients, family or caregivers
  • You want to stop overeating or you know someone who is struggling with this
  • You hate it when food gets cold on the plate or gets cold to the table
  • You know that eating slowly helps prevent overeating, hence obesity.
  • You just had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) and are forced to eat slowly (smaller portions)
  • You want to avoid WLS (It's expensive, has risks and consequences you won't like (Google it!)
  • Obesity is linked to many bad things: Hypertension, heart failure, stroke (I survived one) type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity... bikinis won't look nice, jeans won't fit (no matter what) Your self image is no good
  • Some types of cancer are linked to obesity
  • Obesity costs billions of dollars to the USA in health expenses
  • We are too fat to fight.
  • Eating slowly on a HotSmart will allow you or your dear one to eat slowly, enjoy and eat less without feeling deprived since you will be satisfied with less food.

As you know, You can buy with confidence at

Our products are SAFE, we have been testing and using them since 2004. simply follow the instructions and your HotSmart should last for a long time (years!).

I want to start by establishing that HotSmart Plates are already a great help (is that OK with you? I mean: Is that fair fair?) for the sick and the elderly and are widely used by home caregivers; some doctors recommend them and that is a fact

  • "Best present ever" says an 87 year old mother
  • "A God's send" said many other persons (A God's send for my husband, a God's send for my wife, my mother, etc.)
  • "You don't have inventory? Sell me one of your prototypes" (I personally went to FedEx and shiped the prototype, the person in NJ had had tongue cancer; he was very happy with his plate and later purchased more)
  • "You don't ship to the UK?" (at the time we didn't) Yes, NOW we ship worldwide (UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, even Kuwait and Dubai ; please order now through   
  • By the way please check the price at
"Do you ship to Australia?"  Yes, see above; order through

Yes! The first plate in the world that keeps food hot!

Oh thanks to you! for taking the time to write such a great feedback; you made my day! I am a stroke and brain tumor survivor too! You made me feel useful. You don't know how disappointed I feel with statements like the following:

 "The plate doesn't get hot" - Ans:This is like saying we sell water which doesn't boil;  the reason is probably the customers oven is a low capacity oven (800 Watts); in this case preheat  1:30 minutes

"Only 4 inches of the plate get hot" Ans: all the surface gets hot, except the rim but much hotter at the center

"It is so flat that the juice of a steak would overfill it" Ans: that's ridiculous; the fact is: The HotSmart works as claimed or your money back, OK? (The improved model is deeper anyway)

 FACT; HotSmart Gourmet Plates are the only plates in the world that really  keep food warm and keep selling fast in; we decided to create this page to answer Frequent Asked Questions and feedback from our customers.

 Having said that, it is easy for me to forget as the inventor that what is easy and obvious to me it is not for my customers and  that you deserve better information. The instructions for use are so simple that they are in a single photo on the Home Page The plate does get real hot with one single minute preheating in a 1200W microwave oven (Please adjust accordingly if you own a smaller oven)

Optional preheating method:  Piping hot food on a piping hot plate.

  • The specifications SPECS of the plate will show you that this modest invention is actually a quantum leap for the ceramic plate which had not evolved functionally in centuries , however we don't want you to have false expectations ; the plates were developed for an specific purpose: to keep food warm at the table so you can enjoy your best recipes; follow the instructions use the plate properly and you will enjoy it for a long time.
  •  IMPORTANT: HotSmart Gourmet Plates have also being discovered by caregivers and used by people who have to eat slowly due to some physical disability or mobility problem.(Ideal for Alzheimer patients, the elderly and the sick)

  • Does the base separates from the plate? No, the seal has been improved; sometimes we have to open a plate for experimenting (or ongoing testing) and we cut the adhesive (sealer) all around the joint with a very sharp knife which takes us a long time; then we have to pry open the plate with a flat screw driver and that also takes lots of effort (sometimes the base would break before it separates). however If you do not follow the instructions you could break the seal; and the plate will not work properly with water inside. In that case, all you have to do is to preheat the plate a few times until you get rid of all the humidity inside, then continue using the plate and don't put it in the dishwasher anymore. A dishwasher safe version is being developed.

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Are HotSmart Plates Dishwasher-safe?
No, We are working on a dishwasher-safe version:  an hour glass shaped seal (among other designs and sealants) We are committed to continuous improvement and really appreciate honest,  feed back. If you get a deffective plate, you can ask for a refund of course (As claimed or your money back guarantee). as you know has an excellent service and in case of any problem, you can always e-mail me

Question HotSmarts bottom is ugly but so are the back of refrigerators? (Somebody atributed that phrase to me which is a lie).

Another lie is: "their phone is out of service and they don't answer any e- mails". This is a one person business* run from my home in El Paso, TX.  You can dial my number right now if you wish and I personally answer every single e-mail usually within a few hours . You can try it right now:

1- (915) 599-1777  

*I started this business after surviving a stroke and a brain tumor, I have strong reasons to believe that many people want me to fail, including an ex "agent" who wants to become my partner (Not to mention other businesses which products we made obsolete and others who rejected my invention because it was "impossible to manufacture" or "nothing that you preheat one single minute will stay hot for a long time" or "You can't handle it with your bare hands, all ceramic gets hot in the microwave oven" according to their "engineers" I believe the name of the company was "world chicken" or something like that).

Please call or e-mail if you have any questions; you are safe buying at and I will even send a personal check if you have any problems with Amazon policies. I am very interested in seeing and analysing every single plate that fails. has been instructed to send me every single plate returned and frankly I don't see many). We have improved HotSmarts using your feedback but we do not appreciate lies.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reliable Sources Talk About Eating Slowly

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This information about the benefits of eating slowly may seem unbelievable to you

My recommendation is that you research it yourself (until very recently many people thought ... and maybe still think this is only a theory), Anyway, this is some good  information that you can verify or reject at your peril (A good starting point): 


  If you're skeptical...

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 Eating slowly has many advantages:

1. Helps prevent overeating (obesity, diabetes, hypertension... and so on)

2. Prevents GERD (Acid reflux). Check with your Gastroenterologist.

3. May help you avoid WLS (Weight Loss Surgery)... If not WLS will make you eat slowly for sure  No kidding. It's something like: "Divorce guaranteed or your wife back" (Now I'm kidding)

4. Obesity is linked to so many health problems that it's impossible to list here 

5. Diabetes has also many serious consequences as you know.

6. And what about hypertension? (I survived a stroke).

Read carefully these basic principles:

  •  If you don't eat slowly, you can eat a generous portion AND still ask for more...(Your brain needs time to get the signal that you are satisfied). Google "eating slowly" for the medical, scientific explanation, but it is a fact (Not a theory anymore) 
  •    However, if you eat slowly you will enjoy more AND eat less...

Don't worry A HotSmart® will keep your food from getting cold

Plate for eating slowly

Look for HotSmart® plates on or click here 

Do not  miss RELIABLE sources INFO on the subject below

This list of links may be updated and screened regularly; we welcome suggestions for example: Eating slowly also helps prevent indigestion and acid reflux, do you know any good article on this subject?

Due to the obesity crisis that costs billions $$$  and thousands of lives, I'm compelled to underline that acquiring the habit of eating slowly most definitely helps people to prevent overeating, obesity, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even some types of cancer (Research it or ask your doctor; I'm an Industrial Engineer.

This is even a National Security Problem (We are too fat to fight I read somewhere).

IMPORTANT: Eating slowly by itself does not make you lose weight; what it does is to get  you get satisfied with less food intake (You still have to eat healthy and exercise)  

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While this is not the only publication on eating slowly and not even the most extensive explanation; the source: HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL is so prestigious that deserves an special place.

Another prestigious source talks about eating slowly; you can Google "eating slowly" or even Google "eating quickly" to learn a lot, also search #EatingSlowly on Twitter
Eating slowly prevents overeating which prevents obesityand obesity is linked toall kinds of health problems: Diabetes, Heart problems, hypertension, stroke (I survived one by the way with serious consequences).

Health Central Slow Eating Helps Those with Diabetes to Lose Weight
An interesting article from HEALTH CENTRAL mentioning for the first time in history that there are plates for eating slowly that help those with diabetes to lose weight.

According to a new study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), eating a meal quickly, as compared to slowly, curtails the release of hormones in the gut that induce feelings of being full. The decreased release of these hormones, can often lead to overeating.

How to Start a Weight-Loss Program
From TLC a DISCOVERY Company; another good article on techniques for eating slowly (How to do it).

All sources are serious but you should do your own research; it is difficult to believe that something as simple as eating slowly could contribute to prevent obesity and diabetes.

This lens promotes HotSmart Plates as a tool to enjoy food and acquire the habit of eating slowly.

This is a website entirely dedicated to research and publish information on eating slowly; it welcomes and screens information on the subject WARNING: Do not bother, Squidoo unpublished our information after convincing us to publish there. By the way, we were donating to charity..  See instead ("Eat Slowly See why" section).

We will publish relevant information on this blog

Don't miss this link below:

Eat slowly see why

A newspaper dedicated to weight loss surgery and related subjects plus other interesting information

The point is: Start eating slowly now or WLS (weight loss surgery) will make you eat slowly anyway or even worse, you may have health problems in the future. If the problem is you don't have time to eat slowly, well... overeating and obesity may shorten your life so there is no excuse.  

Please share this info with relatives and friends and don't forget that one single soft drink per day makes you gain, yes, makes you gain 16 lbs in a year, see:

(I chose a version that is not too complicated, others include biochemistry... narrated at the speed of light. Many understand biochemistry but at that speed I doubt it).

HotSmart Plates are also excellent for caregiving 
(The sick and the elderly eat slowly)


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(The sick and the elderly need them) 

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Plates That Keep Food Hot For Eating Slowly


You don't want your loved one eating on plastic baby dishes!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

This HotSmart Hot Plate in bone china makes all other plates obsolete




Eat slowly, food won't get cold on a HotSmart®


The secret to live forever is to eat slowly and never give up breathing but, the real problem is...

Eating slowly gets your food cold

See reliable links: Discovery Health Central  Endocrine Soc.


To buy click here


Keeps food hot for eating slowly (For simple enjoyment or medical reasons)

Excellent also for caregiving, Alzheimers  patients, the elderly and anybody who eats slowly


Saturday, May 7, 2011

How do HotSmart Plates work?

Energy checks in but can't check out (Remember that Ad?)

Click here to see large size drawing

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Remember: the secret to live forever is to eat slowly and never give up breathing


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Lose Weight by Eating Slowly - wikiHow
A detailed explanation on how and why eating slowly really works to lose weight but before I forget, let me tell you: If you just had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) such as Lap band or gastric bypass you will love HotSmart Plates, they stay hot for more than 30 minutes to keep food warm while you eat slowly.

Either lose weight or stay slim forever
Just by acquiring a simple habit:
Eating Slowly

Your brain needs about 20 minutes to register that you are satisfied; eat slowly to avoid overeating and obesity (Diabetes, hypertension, etc).
By the way, food won't get cold 

Click link below to learn why:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slow down your eating and give your digestion a chance

One more method to acquire the habit of eating slowly:

You can also read "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz it is a good book. The important thing is that more and more people are learning.

Everybody looks for information on how to lose weight and learning about the advantages of eating slowly.
The marketing for "plates for eating slowly" is being done, except that many people do not know they exist and that they keep warm.

Plates for eating slowly